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WOLVES OF THE SEA, by Christian Stemper
They are the last of their kind.
They are threatened with extinction.
The photo documentary LUPIMARIS is dedicated to the history, the stories and the faces of the Greek fishermen and their traditional colourful wooden boats.
Since 2010, Christian Stemper is photographically documenting the last remaining individual fishermen and their boats, on the Greek island of Paros.
A total of 99 Boats and 31 fishermen.
Half of the boats that have been photographed in 2010 do not exist anymore - destroyed, abandoned or sold to tourists.
Because no one wants to become a fisherman anymore the traditional fishing craft is dying, and therefore a millennia-old tradition.
Hardcover, 164 pages, 23 x 32cm
Edition: 1000 , Publication date: July 2015
English texts, Sewn binding
ISBN: 978-3-200-04156-1
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