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The Cotton used for these 100% pure, Greek and lovely T-shirts is planted during Spring in Thessaly and Harvested early in Autumn, depending on weather conditions, mainly rainfalls.
Processing, such as Ginning, Spinning, Knitting and Dyeing takes place in Thessaly, Macedonia and Thrace, later in Autumn.
Cutting, Sewing, Stamping & Packaging is completed all through the Winter, in Thessaly and Attica.
A very special gift will be included in the package of your brand new Lovegreece T-Shirt:
The powerful Lovegreece Evil Eye Protection System (E.E.P.S.) to help protect you from the “evil eye” of anyone who may be thinking you look too good wearing your Lovegreece T-shirt.
Design, Lovegreece
  • Details

    Size chart:
    S Width: 52cm x Length: 72cm
    M Width: 56cm x Length: 73.5cm
    L Width: 57cm x Length: 76cm
    XL Width: 59cm x Length: 77.5cm
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