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A Design Lover’s Guide to Athens


Closer to the Acropolis, whimsical Forget Me Not has a cult following, and for good reason: The store is a respite of good taste in a landscape of largely kitschy shops in Plaka. Inside, visitors will find everything from locally hand-bound notebooks to lotions inspired by the Aegean Sea.

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Athens City Experience


Forget Me Not doesn’t actually sell souvenirs. In fact, it doesn’t really have a very specific profile at all, other than sourcing elegant, locally designed items of the highest quality you’d be proud to bring home. From stunningly packaged olive oil, to handmade sunglasses and small-batch pottery, Forget Me Not is a rainbow of contradictions, full of bright colors and a positive outlook that’s so tastefully displayed, some people have considered buying the sign before they’ve even walked through the door!

Forget Me Not Athens


Located in the building where Greek hero of the Revolution Theodoros Kolokotronis stayed when he first settled in Athens, at 100 Adrianou Street, in the historic district of Plaka, Forget Me Not Athens opened in 2014 in order to create another form of "revolution" in the area of Greek design.

Forget Me Not: Ένα «επαναστατικό» μαγαζί με άρωμα Ελλάδας


Το όνομα  «Forget me not» παραπέμπει στη μετάφραση του «μη με λησμόνει», μια φράση άμεσα συνδεδεμένη με το ενθύμιο και το σουβενίρ.

Top Choice


This impeccable small store (two shops, one upstairs and one down around the corner) stocks super-cool gear, from fashion to housewares and gifts, all by contemporary Greek designers. Great for gift shopping – who doesn't want a set of cheerful 'evil eye' coasters or some Hermes-winged beach sandals?

Why Downtown Athens Is Basically Brooklyn by the Sea


This gift shop in the heart of Pláka features products and designs from more than 150 Greek brands and artists, architects, and graphic designers. Highlights include: Ancient Greek Sandals, lifestyle brand Zeus + Dione, Zylo handcrafted wooden eyewear, and new all-natural beard grooming products by Hommer.

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Τα καλύτερα δείγματα του σύγχρονου ελληνικού

αλλά και ξένου design 

Vacances en Grèce : Nos Meilleures Adresses Déco à Athènes


Une boutique d'objets 100% made in Athènes : Forget Me Not

Coincé entre deux boutiques de spartiates en cuir pour touristes — le point fort de cette rue piétonne —, la boutique Forget Me Not mise sur la jeune création grecque.

contemporary greek design • fabulous memorabilia

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